Four easy ways to pay your Town of Candor, NC water bill:

Option 1:
Pay Water Bill with EGov link

Option 2:
Pay Water Bill with DOXO link

click here for more info on Doxo.

Options 3 & 4: 
Drop payment in drop box at Town Hall, or mail to: 

Candor Town Hall 
PO Box 220
Candor, NC 27229

Town of Candor

214 S. Main Street

PO Box 220

Candor, NC 27229


T (910) 974-4221

F (910)974-4299



For more information about the N.C. Peach Festival visit:


Or contact:

  • Town of Candor N.C.

Town Email Addresses:



Mayor, Phillip Hearne:

Town Clerk, Tammy Kellis:


Deputy Clerk, Tricia Webb


Public Works Dept., Jared Smith:

Public Works Dept., Chase Thompson:

Candor Police Chief, J.P. Georgepul:

Candor Fire Chief, Jared Smith:

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The Town of Candor was incorporated in 1891 and is a community with deep roots. We are a vital part of the economy of Montgomery County, NC. Our pride rests in the ingenuity of our people and the strides we have made in agriculture and industry - specifically Peaches, Railway & Manufacturing. We are known throughout the state as the "Peach Capital of North Carolina", and this is a title we honor annually with the exciting N.C. Peach Festival. Please feel free to navigate through our website and learn more about us...and Welcome to Candor, NC!

Candor is located in CENTRAL North Carolina - The perfect position in which to relocate your business, home, or both!