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The Story of Candor

A Self-Made Town


"Candor, located in Montgomery County, was incorporated in 1891. Prior to this, Candor was known as "Lamond's Old Field". The south corner of this field was a burying ground - This is where Bank of Candor now stands. On the 19th day of November, 1889, a bunch of men were sitting around on stumps, logs, and wire grass discussing the Centennial to be held at Fayetteville on the 21st of November. 'Old Man' Frank Page was there and said that he would send a train for them. Mr. Page was the founder of the railroad in Candor and Montgomery County. This was so exciting to them that they picked up their surveying instruments and went to work in earnest, for these men were surveying the streets of the present Town of Candor.(excerpt from historical documents found at Candor Town Hall)

"The first peach grower in the Candor area was Mr. H.R. Clark. He was assisted by Mr. J.G. Tomlinson, A.W.E. Capel of Troy, and the A. & A. Railroad. The most refrigerator cars of peaches ever shipped from this section in one day was 13. This includes none shipped by truck.


...In 1904 Henry Clark set out the first hundred acres in peach trees and this was followed in 1905 by another hundred. After this, peach orchards and packing houses sprang up all over the area." (excerpt from historical documents found at Candor Town Hall)

The Peach Belt


"An innovation in peach processing tried last year which really paid off for the producers was hydro-cooling. In this process, the peaches are picked only at the peak of ripening. They are then packed for shipment. And when already crated the fruit is run through a 34-degree bath which practically stops the ripening process. A bit of chlorine added to the bath checks rot of all kinds." Charlotte Observer, Staff Writer Clyde Osborne, March 7, 1954

Enlargement of a peach graphic from the 1940's newspaper clipping to the left.

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